Local Favourite Ban Mian @ TPY

Today intro you a solid, authentic ban mian stall at tpy. This stall had been around for some time and is a must-go for the amigos in that hood.

Look left, look right, up and down, almost 89.76% of the diners in the kopitiam eat this stall. Must be sibei ho! Only $3.50, it comes with generous amount of bak chor, veg, ikan bilis and runny egg. This is much more generous than NDP fun pack.

The noodle is thick n QQ. The noodle is shy, so when u bite gt slight resistance. But it will ultimately relents and the dough fragrance emits from within. The soup belongs to the lighter side and taste naturally sweet from the anchovies used to boil with it. Every mouthful u can distinctively taste the essence of the pork bone and anchoives. The bak chor is also nicely marinated with hua tiao jiu. It is so tender and soft that it literally melts in ur mouth like waygu. This stuff is waygu pork i tell u.

Overall is a heroin level of food. The more u drink the soup and eat the bak chor. The more addictive it is. Right now, after 3hrs 25mins, i already feel the withdrawal symptom.

Address: Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central, J99 Eating House 310186

Operating hrs: 10am to 9pm

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