Lets get Healthy like Rainbow @ Little Panda

Singapore nowadays alot people step healthy. Thats why sibei alot salad stall, organic stall, vegetarian stall, grass stall. To jiak bak people like us, eat healthy is machiam go 18 storey hell. Cause u noe la, healthy food equal to blend and boring food. Somemore jiak beh pah.

But today, really change my mindset and make me enlighten machiam sit under durian tree. This unassuming stall at a little corner of a humble kopitiam in a heartland area proves that healthy food can be colourful and tasty too.

Boss is sibei frendly machiam can immediate becoming drinking bro. Intro me their ang pai superfruit bowl ($5.50) which comprise of a dragonfruit & acai mash with toppings like coconut shave, bananas, green apples, lam berries and cacao nibs. The texture is guk guk like pantene silk pro and taste surprisingly refreshing. Not too sweet but have a mild sour taste to it which improve appetite and increase the flow of saliva and digestive juices. In simple england, means make u gian more la.

The fruits toppings are fresh also and the cacao nibs are just out of this planet. If noob duno simi is cacao nibs, it is chocolate de ah gong ah ma. Chocolate is born from them. It taste machiam like the offspring of kinder brueno and roasted coffee bean. Those who like dark chocolate, u die die must add this topping. Cacao nibs is also known as a joy food. Meaning eat liao will high. Dun need spend money on weed la, so blaze the cacao nibs out there, blaze that shit up nigga.Yeah, waz up Snoop.


Duno why, eat liao sibei got liberated feeling, machiam like virgin again. Maybe cause guilty of eating alot junk food. This stall really debunk the common mindset of health food. Who knows health food can be so ho jiak and colorful.

Ps. Try their Tropical Fruiti Coconutty. Thick till machiam drink cloud. Very thick n creamy. Shiok till u cry rainbow and ride unicorn.


Address: 721 Clementi West St 2 S120721
Operating hrs: Mon to Fri (10am to 9pm). Sat/Sun (9am to 9pm)