Legit Traditional Popiah @ Ping Ji Bo Bia

Jalan Besar - Ping Ji Bo Bia

Just had this super awesome popiah at Berseh Food Centre.

This popiah different from all others as the turnip they stir fried and slow-cooked with pork belly lard. The protein in the connective fatty tissues of the lard breaks down when it is subjected to heat to form a collagenish layer over the turnip and zap. The zap gives a feel like tonkatsu ramen broth, porky flavour, thick and abit sticky. It does not taste fatty and jerlak because the sweetness of the turnip and sweet sauce + chilli added later on counters it.

Popiah skin also not super thick like Xia Xue makeup but still holds the generous ingredients well. So it wont fall out when you kiap the popiah.

Personally feel is one of the best popiah in Singapore. Cheap and good.

Ping Ji Bo Bia

Address: 166 Jalan Berseh Food Centre #01-07 S208877