Kwap Power Kwap @ 郭亞吟潮州粿汁 Teochew Kway Chap

Today a bro here reco me a beh pai kway chap at amoy food centre. He say this is the most value for money and ho jiak kway chap he ever tried. Really or nt? Mai tu liao go down try lor.

Go there bo queue leh. Walao. All the other stall got queue this no queue. Is really nice or nt? But then i saw the sign board got newspaper article and celebrity one. So is sure beh pai. Ordered the standard mix set which got fish cake, salted vege, egg, pig intestine, pig spine meat, tao pok, salted vege. Walao! Sibei alot of ingredient till i lost count. And somemore $3.50 nia.

The kway looks normal normal leh. But when i put in my mouth, i immediate jump from my seat. Cause the zap is sibei shiok. Though first mouth is the soya sauce saltiness, but slowly the spice flavour come in and it hits the G spot in your mouth that it makes u crave for more and more of the zap. The zap is so much full of the meat flavour like machiam drinking bak ku teh. The kway is also so soft and smooth that it automatic will slide down ur throat with no resistance like water. Kway tag team with zap is really a match like apple and pen.



The ingredients also lor till the bi tor 9696. Machiam all the flavour and taste absorbed into the meat. So much so that when i bite the meat, the lor zap flow out.

Will definitely come again. Cause good food and cheap some more where to find? After that then i realised is nt because no queue, but because selling finish liao. Power.


郭亞吟潮州粿汁 Teochew Kway Chap

Address: Amoy Food centre level 2
Operating hrs: unconfirmed but then office hrs lor weekdays.