Jumbo Prawn Noodles @ Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee

Yesterday got a group of bros and sis here jio me go eat what they say the “best prawn mee in Singapore”. Wa the best leh, wu nia bo? Din Tai Fung also say they best but turn out kana sai. But they reassure me its legit.

Place nt hard to find if take mrt cause is just directly below kallang mrt walk 4min 35 sec nia and very good location as no one know me here though near geylang. Price abit steep la, cheapest is $6 liao. But because tio recommend so wallet pain abit order their signature Jalan Sultan prawn noodle $10. When comes i tio chuak, i tot my noodles gone, was about to flip table when i notice is covered by the big prawns. Sibei worth, prawn so big till cover noodles. The dry one comes with their own signature sambal chilli. Tell u man, their chili is really the beast. Chili can taste the flavour of the dried shrimp and sweetness of the shallots. Coupled with the fried shallot and pork lard mixed into it, really got the 葱油 fragrance. And u tink will make u jer lak? Wrong! Cause the chili got add alittle vinegar to balance the jer lak level. So in the end is a chili that u can eat by its own cause its that good.


Noodles also cooked nicely and evenly to retain the QQ texture. Prawns is really fresh and retain their sweetness and firmness. Each bite will make u feel like u at the beach flying kite. The highlight of course is the soup. This is the most gao lak prawn soup i tried. Cause its damn rich in the prawn flavour. Machiam like 1kg of pounded prawn head is mixed into this 1 small bowl of soup. Clams is also added when boiling  the soup to give a 鲜甜味. Dun worry about cholesterol because u only live once, so just do it, lim the soup.

Overall is really one of the best. Will come again definitely. And also because soup can refill one. But dun zek ark later every customer go refill haha. Next time soup price increase 30% then u know to make sure u awareness of importance of soup.

Ps. There is a fried ngoh hiong stall inside. Ate liao so so nia. Can try also la.




Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee

Address: 2 Jalan Ayer S389141

Operating hrs: 8am to 330pm but close tuesday