Ice Cream? Coconut? Healthy? All @ Pong

Today sibei humid and hot. Walk abit into sun sweat until my lai kor also wet. I pray to guan ying ma if right now got 1 cold cold de ice cream to quench my thirst and heatiness i sure happy fly to moon.

Turns out, my prayer is answered. Located in a corner of Scape, this stall may go unnoticed. But once u noticed it, its hard to unnoticed. Just like once you notice that the chio bu in your class zao geng, hard to unnotice.

The store is beautiful decorated and items displayed neatly. Server is super friendly and quite chio also. Ordered their signatures:



All time favourite: the bawu of the coconut is strong and natural in the coconut ice-cream. Not those super sweet and artificial tasting kind. Its machiam u find a wild coconut down the beach, crack open it and instead of water inside, it is the coconut ice-cream. Consistency is smooth and silky and not chunky icey kind like those Kopitiam dessert. The mango ice-cream also beh pai. But compared to the coconut one is normal. Can add toppings somemore and the portion is quite generous. Eat liao dun feel zer lat and really can quench thirst as there is no dairy milk added and is pure concentrated coconut zap make one.


King bowl: the name fits well. Really king cause even before come to table, can smell the mountain cat king fragrance from 10 metres. Really authentic mao shan wang used and not just flavouring and color like potong ice-cream. Put in mouth, close ur eyes and u cannot tell is ice-cream or chilled seedless durian. Just like cannot tell Raja or Raju apart. Toppings also can choose own kind and same thing, portion quite generous.



Overall its a very satisfying meal. Fresh ingredient, no artificial chemicals and best of all, they dun shortchange customer. Wat we pay is wat we get. Will definitely come again and again and again.

Ps: can try their coco mango smoothie too. I guaranteed its the best refreshing drink u had since Coca cola.



Address: 2 Orchard Link #02-18D S237978

Operating hrs : 1230pm to 10pm everyday