Lim Jiu Buddies Favourite @ Hua Ji XO Fish Head Bee Hoon

Today sick lan lan stay at home reminiscene my old food adventure. Recalled this super bagus fish head soup at old airport food centre. This can easily top the top 5 XO fish soup in singapore.

Operated by 2 uncle, nothing sexy but their XO fish head soup no joke man. I think they should ban kids below 18 from ordering. The XO damn gao gao. Soup is infused with the aroma of the XO, drink 2 bowl sure mabok peng sang.

The soup is cao cao boiled min 6 hrs with fish bones and fish head till the soup become milky color due to the proteins broken down from the bone and creates a slight collegenish effect. Super sweet i tell u and best thing is no msg added. So if u want real, original and natural stuff, this is the one.

They also super generous with the quantity. After finish eating my table one whole mt everest of fish bones. Definitely worth it at value money. Even after makan and i drink 1 can Calsberg, the XO taste still in my mouth. Super shiok.

Ps. Dun drink this soup before you go home or else your wife thought you go balestier ktv lim jiu hug GRO.

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Hua Ji XO Fish Head Bee Hoon

Address: Old Airport food centre #01-118
Operating hrs: From 12pm to 9pm