Hotpot that Emperor Eats @ Emperor Pot

Yesterday one bro intro me to this 3 tier steamboat. Only heard of 2 tier but 3 tier didnt hear before leh. Meaning 1st tier is soup, 2nd tier is bbq and 3rd tier steam. Orhhh potato, hear liao also jik tao steam.



The place is behind jalan besar stadium nia, about 10 mins walk from Farrer Park mrt. Located inside this nice little kopitiam and can sit outside to enjoy the cooling wind. Ordered the emperor treasure set. Can feed up to 4 people. Choose the tomato soup and chicken soup which is their signature.


Tell u man, the soup no joke. Rarely the soup for stamboat so gao gao one. Normally is blend la, or if they cb (chicken backside)  they will give u plain water mix abit msg. But the soup here is really cooked up till 5 hrs one. The chicken is use whole chicken to cook till the soup machiam abit collagenish like 美人锅. The tomato soup also, is use real sweet tomato blended and added into chicken stock and boil till the tomato disintegrated and fused into the soup. Tell u man, it taste machiam like those western tomato soup but less creamy.


The ingredients are freshly prepared also. Portion is reasonable. Their chili also own made and not buy from ntuc. Own grinded with hard work and sweat. Especially the sibei spicy sauce (really called sibei spicy sauce), really sibei spicy. It is really shiok and add to the sexiness of the food for those bungee jumper thrill-seeker.




Anything that goes inside the soup is transformed. Cause its just that full of flavour and it will be absorbed by the ingredient u put inside. So if dip pork into tomato soup will become tomato marinated pork. Put beef into chicken soup will be chicken marinated beef. Shiok!










Those who like thick thick gao gao soup broth can come again. Eat can la but go deskar rd no no (cause near only).


Emperor Pot

Address: 100 Tyrwitt rd (broadway food centre) s207542
Operating hrs: 3pm to 11pm everyday