Holy! Holy Grill Western @ Old Airport Food Centre

If u ever want a quick fix of affordable and good western food can just drop by this gem at old airport food centre.


The stall name sound machiam like eat liao can obtain enlightenment and go heaven but its true cause really is good food that brings ur palate to heaven. Ordered their grill chicken chop and comes in decent big portion with 2 sides for damage $6.50. The chicken already cover like 3/4 of the plate and the 2 side dish almost no space already. Grilled to perfection which retain the moisture within and seared surface which brings out the grill factor. Eat liao will make u shout , “Holy Shit”. Alot place the cook duno is grill chicken chop or grill bak kua, until the chicken so dry.

The mushroom zap also beh pai. Faint mushroom fragrance which carry the sweet and salty taste of the chicken very well like a true support hero. And also just saw the newspaper that apparently they hire ex convicts machiam 18 chef style. So is really doing for a greater good to society also.



Holy Grill

Address: 51 Old Airport Rd S390051

Operating hr: mon to sun 730pm to 4am