Hidden in the West – Jub Jub Mookata

Today intro you one sibei tokong mookata in West area. Actually good mookata in west area not much, so see when u all want blanja me makan to thank me ar.

This stall is hidden in a kopitiam below new BTO flat. People stay here sure bui bui. Who can resist good mookata? Somemore below their house nia. If is me confirm everyday wack. The variety also quite alot, wont lose to those stand-alone mookata restaurant out there. Best is the price also sibei cheap. For those 爱匹, 爱七, 爱dualiap ni, come here maituliao.

Seafood are fresh and non-frozen. Meaning wont have the fridge smell. So can eat on Monday wont scared MC. The meat are all nicely marinated and not overwhelming with the marinate taste. Originality of flavour is the key here as they try to retain the natural taste of the meat as much as possible. Not like you makan the meat but like drinking soya sauce or oyster sauce like that.

I will definitely recommend the bak chor. It is beaten like Stephen Chow 食神 till it become so QQ and tender machiam can play ping pong. The marination with sesame oil and fish sauce also brings the taste to Hokage level. Grill it over the pan to make it abit chao ta outside and pop into your mouth. Immediately the bak chor will slide around cause it is so smooth. It will take sometime before you caught hold of it between your teeth. Bite it hard, and witness the Big Bang. The zap inside fused with the fish sauce create a new zap that is both sweet and salty, with the fragrance of the sesame oil in the background. If you want to add some kick, dip in their super spicy homemade chilli.

Marinated pork/chicken is garlic also beh pai. In fact all their marinated meat bagus. The more you eat, the more shiok. Cant explain. Maybe is the coke or weed they add in it.

Another worth mention is their slipper lobster. It is filled with roe and taste so sweet. We all know sweet lobster means fresh lobster. Meat is firm and juicy as well. You can grill it, cook it and dipped it in nachos cheese.

Overall is a fantastic meal, fresh, delicious and cheap. You gotta try their nacho cheese dip, it really paints up the flavour. Not too jerlaky, not too salty as well. Will come again definitely, best is ask all ur frens and family. Cause i see alot family bonding, eat mouth warm, heart also warm feel like crying.

Eat like this, 3 pax damage $50 got change also.



Address: 810 Choa Chua Kang Ave 7 S680810
Operating hrs : Everyday 5pm to 10pm

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