Herbal Soup for Stomach, Heart & Soul

Yesterday a good bro here heard i falling sick nowadays so heart feel me reco me this superb herbal soup at Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant 陳生成山瑞补品. Walao! Located at geylang again. Lim pei this time wear mask scared people recognise me. Ordered their specialty which is cordyceps chicken, black chicken ginseng and turtle soup with yam rice.



Their yam rice is super. The yam is cooked with the rice till it melted and fuse together with every grain of the rice. Eating each grain of rice is machiam like eating a mini piece of yam. Also the mushroom and dried shrimps add to the overall flavour and fragrance of the rice. Its machiam eating a yam-infused non-sticky version of bak chang.


Each soup got its unique feature and attitude. The cordyceps chicken soup (good life chicken ate cordyceps every meal like a boss thus the name) has a distinct sharp sweet taste which leaves an after-taste of the wolfberries and red dates in your mouth. Its machiam like the sweet, innocent junior whom u have a crush on in high school.


The black chicken soup on the other hand, hits u immediately with the strong ginseng fragrance which leaves a metallic aftertaste and mild sweetness from the wolfberries and dates. Nt as sweet to taste as the cordeceps chicken soup but the force of the ginseng is strong in this one. Drink this before listening to parliament speech and i make sure u stay awake.

Both chicken soup is boiled using whole old chicken for more than 4 hrs till a collagen layer is formed on top of the soup. In fact, if u leave the soup to cool for 5 mins, u will see a collagen layer forming on the top. This is real, authentic pure chicken essence swimming pool.


The turtle soup is nicely done too. Turtle meat actually taste like chicken and has a chewier texture. These turtles are breed for eating and not endangered ninja turtles. So peace to WWF. The turtle meat is juicy and sweet and the soup is slightly salty but sweet at the same time with a background taste of chinese rice wine. It is so good that u feel like singing china wine.



Overall they really have good control over the herbs and ingredients. Some stall is either too herby or too blend. But this stall strikes a good balance so that u can taste the herb, the chicken, the turtle, the soup base. And their cili is real heavenly too going with the meat.

Definitely one of the best herbal soup i eaten!




Tan Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant

Address: 29 Lor Barchok S387791

Operating hr: 11am to 730pm. Close Thur.