Healthy and Sedap meh meh @ Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup

Today rainy day. Heard 50 yrs pass again cause got flood in bishan. Minister say one. Sudden craving for a bowl of pipping hot mutton soup. Beauty world too far liao so nearest is this stall at old airport hawker centre.

$6 for a mixed bowl. Have meat, tendons, stomach, bone marrow for u to suck. Those who like to suck can order the pure tendon bowl. Been eating this stall for yrs. The soup belongs to the milder type. Not those sibei strong herbal taste. Soup is slightly sweet also because its boiled for hours using lamb meat. The owner says lamb meat is more sweet, innocent and tender compared to goat meat. Just like 小鲜肉 more sweet and juicy. The soup goes down smoothly and its very clear and not oily. So those scared oily mutton soup can drink this.




Meat is tender and juicy. Even though is boiled in soup but feels like the meat is steam. So still retain alot of moisture. The chili also bagus. Slight sour and can taste the grated ginger inside. This helps to eradicate any mutton smell in the meat. So those busuk busuk can rub grated ginger in ur armpit.

Even though soup is mild. But the after-taste of the chinese herb still in my mouth after 30mins. So better dun kiss your mother. This also shows the owner never short change on the ingredient used to boil the soup.

Will come again. Best is come when got flood. Warm warm in ur tummy in cold weather sibei shiok.


Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre