Halal Zi Char @ Puncak Muslim Food Far East Plaza

Today an ahbang reco me a bao jiak halal zi char restaurant in orchard. I was tinking mai la, orchard chor leh cause normally is chop ang mo robert carrot one. But he sompah say is affordable. If not, he willing go sunak again.


This family-runned restaurant is located at top floor of Far East Plaza. Now i know why Far East downstairs bo lang. Cause all go up makan. The queue can fight with 9mil toto. Tried their signature, Honey Chicken, Hotplate Black Pepper Beef Noodle, Thai Seafood Beehoon, Cereal Sotong and Curry Chicken.

Honey chicken is their signature dish. This dish is what brings the crowd back and back machiam kced. How this dish hooked so many people? The secret is they add cocaine inside. Ok joking, is because they marinate the chicken till the chicken become honey itself. And roast it till perfect charred-at-side-zap-inside condition. Surprisingly the honey does not overpower the natural taste of chicken also and charred skin taste abit like charsiew.


Hotplate Black Pepper Beef Noodle is the thing we all miss when we came back from Malaysia. You can hardly find this dish in Singapore. If have, also machiam can count with one hand like the number of friends I have. This taste exactly like the good ones in Malaysia, noodles got the eggy smell and a black pepper zap that makes you lick the plate clean. Beef also sibei generous like they open a farm like that.


Their Thai Seafood Beehoon is also an unique taste of its own, just like only got 1 Ah Beng Foodie. Its like a fusion of seafood white beehoon and thai dong feng. Cause the wok hei and seafood broth is there and also got the slight sour and faint lemongrass fragrance to boost. Eat liao really increase your appetitie to eat more. Moreover is very healthy also la, so girls can take more.


Cereal sotong is the best i eaten. You come here no order this, you really more sotong than kambing. This sotong is unlike outside. The cereal and exterior is very crispy, even after 15mins, still very crispy. The sotong itself still retain the juice and tenderness. If you tell me is steamed, I also believe. But the super highlight is the cereal itself. It is just so fragrance with the flavour of milk and coconut. Because they add milk powder and coconut powder to fry.

Next up is their curry chicken. This also a taste of its own. Its like having 3 different kind of flavour and feel. When it first come pipping hot, the smell is like those japanese curry with vege sweetness fragrance. Then when u taste it, it taste machiam like those roti prata chicken/mutton curry. And then slowly, the coconut milk flavour kicks in towards the aftertaste phase. Its like one day a jap, a chinese and indian sit together and decided to make the curry together. Faith in humanity restored. Chicken is also so soft that the meat slides off the bone when wind blow.


If u wan cheap, good, halal zi char. Or if you in orchard and wan eat affordable and good food, come here. You wont regret! Oh yes, got pretty young lady boss also haha



Puncak Muslim Food
Address: Far East Plaza #05-94 Scotts Rd 228213
Operating hrs: 1130am to 930pm