Good bowl of Goddess level Porridge @ Sin Heng Kee

Today the weather abit cold and dun feel so well. Maybe just now at gym shower already never wipe dry so balls wet kana cold.

On the way home and feel like eating some warm food. Then thought of eating porridge. Cause ah ma says as long as dun feel well eat porridge jiu ok liao. This stall near my house sell the best porridge man. The queue damn long. They do till very hor seh. Last time is one noob small stall. Now own whole kopitiam. Power. Ordered their 3 egg porridge $3.50. In case u all duno, 3 egg means salted egg, century egg and normal chicken egg.

The thing famous about this stall is the consistency of the porridge. It is very smooth and not too watery. U know la outside stall the porridge u stir stir then later see all the water come out. But this stall no matter how i stir still gooey leh. Duno is owner put glue inside or not.

The porridge is also quite gao, so dun need worry eat liao pak to yao. The porridge though is bland but still got the rice fragrance. They use top quality rice grain to cook one, thats one of the difference also. Outside store then bo hiu cause rice cook till nua they tot u cannot differentiate. But after u eat this stall, u can easily tell the difference.

I got eat their bak chor before. Its well marinated and tender and smooth. Dun worry about bak chor rough and got smelly pork smell machiam ah tiong one week no shower. This stall marinated their pork ball overnight with chinese wine. So the meat is smooth and fragrant.

Overall is a very good stall for porridge. They open morning till night. Their frog porridge also bagus.



Sin Heng Kee

Address: 685 Hougang St 61 S530685

Operating Hrs: 7am – 930pm