Go Crazy @ Grazie

Today intro you a solid western food in Singapore. Lim pei after climbing 10 mountains and walk 100km, finally found the relocated Grazie. If you duno simi is Grazie, you lugi machiam u duno Nasi Lemak Burger out liao. So rejoice! Just like the day when Serina Wee come out from prison.

It has upgrade to a cafe and sits within the bossom of the heartlands. The design is definitely instagramable with a mini carousell inside . So guys can bring ur gf to this romantic place. Tried their Miso Ribeye Steak, Fish & Chips, Chicken, Prawn Aglio and Mushroom Soup.

Ribeye Steak – Tbh if they write Miso Waygu Steak, people also will believe. Cause the steak is so well marbled and tender. The moment the cow enter you mouth, it gives a loud Moo and the fats within melted and ooze out from the meat, and that is how butter is made. Chew on the tender flesh, the cow moo again to release the juice within and it reacts with the miso sauce to create a new element on the periodic table.


Fish & Chips – your standard british kind. But the batter is those used in goreng pisang. So its very crunchy but yet not too floury. Imagine u eat goreng pisang but is fish inside. And the fish filling really alot. Its like 10% batter and 90% fish. Even more generous than NS50 voucher.


Chicken parmigiano – this is unique piece of art like Mona Lisa Duckface Selfie portrait. Juicy, tender chicken cutlet wrapped in ham with tomato paste and melted cheese really put Chizza to shame. Maybe KFC can learn from them. No wonder KFC Tony step down to make way for Nasi Padang? Bryani? 傻傻分不清楚.. The chicken still retains its moisture and the cheese really can pull string.


Seafood Aglio – this is no horse run. Imagine prawn noodle, the soup evaporated and absorbed by the noodle. There you have it. First ever hokkien mee style Aglio. The stock is so rich that every strand of the pasta is like eating 1 prawn. Prawns are big and fresh and they dun use frozen.

This is really a good place to hang out and pak tor. Nice ambience, delicious food at affordable prices. What I personally like is unlike cafe when food can be pretty but fake like SNSD, the food here is pretty and real delicious (no msg)


Ps: U have to try the mushroom soup. It is wrapped in a thin pastry machiam roti prata, soup gao gao like water ratio only 10%, 90% pure mushrooms.



Address: Blk 34 Whampoa West S330034
Operating hrs: tue to sat 11am to 930pm, sunday 11am to 830pm. Mon close


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