Fruit Juice + Watermelon Dessert that is Damn Worth your Money! @ V8 Elias

This afternoon the weather sibei hot. Machiam the pavement can teppanyaki. Then this bro just nice reco me this fruit stall at Elias Mall. He say the fruit juice die die must try, if die already then wake up and try.

So head down and see their menu like alot variety. Alot more variety than sakura buffet. And one look at the menu u know the boss is a kind man cause he heart feel u and even list down the benefits of the various juices. If u want to strengthen ur brother can throw away tonka ali and drink the bitter gourd juice, just kidding.

Anw this is the only stall that is not pussy cat enough to come out with their own creation. Like the watermelon bomb. Tell u man. U eat this in hot weather will feel like people throw water bomb at u. Damn cooling. Firstly, its one damn big watermelon, bigger than motorbike helmet. U wear the shell on ur head and puak doh, sure bo lasah. The watermelon is damn sweet and juicy. Each ball of watermelon is really machiam watermelon atomic bomb. When u bite on the bomb, the atomic nuclei is released and e=mc2 happens and then your mouth inside machiam mushroom cloud and rain watermelon rain, guaranteed 10 yrs mouth wont dry. It is so fresh, naturally sweet and refreshing as the boss says they invest alot on the quality of their fruits. One bomb can eat 3 person cause damn alot. Best is inside no ice so all the juice is 100% juice. Sibei worth and shiok for $5.

Their avacado juice also be pai. Very creamy and rich cause never add water. Even for me dun like avacado i also drink cause no smell grass taste.



Can come again with ur frends and family for the bomb. Highly recommended man.

*UPDATE: They have a smaller version of the watermelon bomb called Watermelon Paradise


Address: V8 juice bar Elias Mall #01-330 S510625
Operating hrs: 9am to 930pm