Food for the Vain @ Tsukada Nojo Singapore

Today my japanese gf jio me to go makan collegen pot with her. She say eat liao my skin sure smooth smooth like white chicken and become more oppa. Beh pai leh, is machiam kill 2 stone with 2 bird. Bak tor yao and need some maintence at same time.

The outlet nearest is plaza sing. I tell u man. In singapore alot of vain people. The queue longer than the bak kuah stall. Queue for 1 hr 45mins 30 secs and its our turn. Its quite standard. Just hot pot set for 2 person. Per pax is $25. Price abot steep la but consider the health benefits is worth it la. The waitress very professional, explain to us the soup base, noodle type, different type of sauce. And the best part is u just sit back and relax as she will cook for u in front of u. Just that left out didnt feed u only kekeke.


The soup is damn gao. They boil the chicken broth till the whole chicken melted into the soup and form the jelly tau hwa looking collagen. The soup taste machiam = chicken essence brands-fishy smell+milk. The soup sweetness from the chicken bone is so overwhelming that i tink u throw some rice inside immediate can fight with boon tong kee chicken rice.


The ingredients also very fresh. The vegetables all organic. Prawn also fresh. Meat also fresh. Nothing is not fresh here man. Very healthy and very sedap.


The rice ball wrapped with bacon is an interesting try. Act as appetiser haha. Will come again la. Some more soup can refill free 1x. If wan feel like a queen let people pamper u and also can nourish ur skin, come here not wrong la.


Tsukada Nojo Singapore

Address: 68B Orchard Rd Plaza Singapura Atrium #03-81 S238891

Operating hrs: lunch 1130am to 330pm / dinner 5pm to 10pm