Feeling so Shiok @ Seoul Shiok

Today intro a sibei power seoul food in Seng Kang. This stall serve one of the most authentic and non-mainstream korean food.
Non-mainstream meaning nt those usual yoganehneh kind of thing.

Located in food court means price is affordable. But though in food court, the food is not cock. Its restaurant standard, if not, even better. Ingredient is fresh and generous. Confirm wont short change you like gahmen.

Ordered their signature steamed egg, army cheese stew, chicken wings.

Steamed egg ($4): This is the 8th wonder of the world. The egg is fluffly externally and silky smooth internally. Put in mouth, u will tink is ah ma cake. Bite it, and you will think is chawanmushi. Even the stock also taste like it. And wat comes next will be a rush of wok hei fragrance like kallang wave. How come steam egg got wok hei fragrance? I tink even Albert Einstein also tak tau. Tia gong is the bowl is seasoned till got wok hei. But still a myth.

Army Cheese Stew ($29.90): eat this and you forget seoul yummy even exist. The bean paste is strong like the force in this one. Even when you lim the soup, it will leave the powdery bean sediment behind. It also leaves a slight sweet soya bean after-taste. Free soup refills somemore! Ingredients are also fresh and the cheese really bagus. Not those smelly salty kind but those milder creamy kind. Combine with soup, is a match like 梁山伯 and 祝英台.

Fried Chicken wings (6 pieces $11.50): If you eat this, you can say nehneh to Neh Neh Chicken. Confirm plus chop. Its like they remove the skin, fried the skin and steam the chicken wing seperately, then put them back again. The skin is so crispy like aluminium foil and no have smelly bui bui smell at all. The meat underneath also juicy machiam steamed. Every bite, the chicken will squirt. Personally prefer the soy flavour as the sauce not too overwhelming and spicy like the spicy flavour one.

One life have to come here once i tell you. You will never find such a good deal anywhere. Nice and cheap food, have a taste of wat real korean food is like.

Ps: To go even more affordable, use kopitiam card. Mai say lim lei bo tell u.


Seoul Shiok

Address: 10 Seng Kang Square S544829
Operating hr: Sun to Thur 11am to 1000pm. Fri to Sat 11am to 1030pm

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