Feel Loved @ Rasa Sayang Western

Today whole day sibei lamnua. Scrolling through some of the pms the bros and sis here sent me. Then this bro send me pm recommend me try this western stall at S11 kopitiam at Ang Mo Kio.

Ordered the chicken chop at $6.50. Price abit steep la. But the portion quite alot. The chicken they give is thick and big, definite worth the money la. The unique thing abt this chicken chop is the sauce is unlike any i have eaten. I eat chicken chop grow up one, so almost all the sauce i tried and taste about the same, not black pepper then is mushroom then is garlic. But this sauce, i eat here and there also duno is simi sauce. Look like mushroom sauce cause got mushroom bits. But dun taste like mushroom sauce. Cause the zap got a slight wok hei chinese wine taste. Machiam the zap taste they put in the chinese steam fish. Then got the slight butter fragrance then got the black pepper slight sourish taste. Wa piang! Sibei confuse. But got to say, its definitely one of a kind. The chicken also well marinated and taste very juicy and slightly sweet. Just slightly so wont overpower ur palate with sweetness. Meat dip in generous portion of sauce, heaven manifest in your mouth. Close ur eyes and let all the flavours kicks in. Cause it be an exciting trip.

Fries is nicely fried. Big cut. No smelly oil taste. Crispy. Coleslaw and beans normal nia. Definitely will come again man. One of the best chicken chop i eaten.

Ps. U guys keep sending me reco to eat i going to be fat liao heh heh. But lim pei like it.


Rasa Sayang Western

Address: 711 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 S560711