Experience the Steam @ Nan Xiang

If you ever crave for steamboat and porridge, come to Nan Xiang. If you wan healthy and tasty food, come to Nan Xiang. If you hate ur laobu cooking, come to Nan Xiang.


Nan Xiang is a place to eat steamed food till you steam. It has a variety of meat dishes, like pork belly, beef, bak chor. Fresh seafood like, groupa fillet, clams, scallops. The cooking style is steam your food on top and let the zap flow below into ur porridge. They also got timing system to remind you that food is ready. Just like you know you can sleep in peace as you ah ma will wake u up for school. So can throw ur food in, shut the trap and play Mobile Legends.


For sauce, you got to try the Nonya Sauce. It has a sour assam taste with slight hint of sweetness and a lemongrass aftertaste. Dip fish, become Nonya Fish Head Curry. Dip chicken, become Nonya Kari Kay. Dip pork, become Babi Assam.


One of the item must try is their bak chor. Their bak chor is so smooth that if you not careful, will slide all the way down ur throat. Meat is juicy and tender. Bite on it will hear a crunch. Cause they add turnip inside. This makes the meat sweeter and juicier. So imagine u steam this, the meat zap and turnip sweetness flow into the porridge below.


This is the exciting part. Its like you combining 5 stars hero in Seven Knights, not knowing which 6 stars hero u will get. We steam alot clams, meat and fish. So the porridge sibei sweet machiam sweet potato with the 海鲜taste.

Will definitely come here. Cheap, good and fresh. And also sibei healthy. Can bring ur ah gong ah ma come enjoy also.

Price: $13.90 Nett Weekday lunch (no seafood), $23.90 Nett Dinner and all weekend


Nan Xiang 南翔

Address: 1 Woodlands Road #02-18, Ten Mile Junction 677899

Operating hrs: 1130am to 10pm

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