Expensive Duck Rice @ New Rong Liang Ge

Today nice weather should be at home slp and lam nua. But got a notification from a bro here ask me try this stall opp bugis plus. A foodie will always be a foodie, no matter wat, food always comes first haha.

The place is simple to access. Got carpark in front. And if u cant find the stall no worries man. Cause the queue is damn long like queue for big bang concert ticket. Nabei in front got one uncle buy 25 packet of duck rice haha. Wat the duck man. Lim pei no bfast leh. But this shows the duck must be damn nice la.



Ordered the duck rice with char siew. Damage $6.50. Ok la for that price still reasonable and portion quite decent. The duck zap they put 2 kinds. One is the normal black soya bean sweet zap and the other is the sour plum sauce. Though its very flavourful but i find it abit too sweet. So those worry need wash or kana bo geh one can ask them not to put too much zap. The black soya bean sweet zap is unique. Cause it have a bitter sweet taste. Its machiam like those char siew u eat the chao ta fatty part got the sweet, bitter, fat fragrance taste. For some people may not use to it. Its like some ple dun like dark bitter chocolate.

Duck is roasted perfectly. U can see the skin shine below the light. Glistening and very inviting machiam like a bikini babe swimming under the moonlight. See liao saliva drip. Taste wise is good also. Very juicy and not fat. For those who dun like fat duck can eat this. The only let down is skin not crispy enough. Though duck is juicy and flavourful, but got covered by the zap. So will recommend dun pour the zap on the duck, put seperately.

Char siew is normal. Too sweet and not fatty and chao ta enough. Abit dry.

Overall is a good try la. But wont say fantastic.


New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck Double Boiled Soup

Address: 269B Queen St S182269