Escape Rope to Taiwan @ Mun Ting Xiang Cha Xuan

Today reco you solid stall at Hougang Green. This stall specialised in taiwan food. Those authentic local type and not those nonsense shilin mambo at shopping malls.

Walk in the store u will immediately turn 3 round and escape rope to taiwan. If got paper lantern I sure release one in the shop but too bad got sprinkle system. The overall feel is so homely that I dun wish to leave the place. Will recommend their Ru Rou Fan and Oyster Omelette.


Ru Rou Fan ($6.90): This is the final boss man. The minced lor bah put on top of rice and bring it below the light, u will see the lard and zap flowing onto the rice machiam u see river flowing pass pebbles. After 30 secs, the rice below will be glistening with the lard and zap. Thats when u put in your mouth and have ur taste buds bankai. Lor bah melt in mouth instantly like left-over snow in spring. The lor zap unlocked, be prepared to be overwhelmed with dark soya sauce and 5 spice fragrance. I will order this for my last meal.


Oyster Omelette ($8.90): Its crispy and soft and has a wok hei fragrance. Oysters are huge and fresh also. Juicy and bouncy just like how ur ah gong likes it. Man eat already will strengthen small brother like He-Man. Abit salty though, but if eat with rice is paradise.

Eel rice ($7.90) and pork chop rice ($6.90) normal. But good try.

If u want local, genuine, home-cooked taiwan food, this is the place to go. Eat liao warm at stomach and warm at heart.

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Address: 21 Hougang St 51 #01-02 S538719

Operating hrs: Mon to Sun 10am to 10pm