Eat the Burger, be a Legend

Today an ah bang here reco me to the “Father of all Burgers”. It is one of the originator of tower burgers and one of the all-time best. The stall name is called “I Am Legend – western food“. Walao i tot is will smith open one sia. Turn out is a nice local ah bang who have over 10 yrs of experience in culinary and burger making. He reco me the messy joe and meat stack.

Messy Joe ($22.90):
This is perhaps the best angus beef patty i have ever eaten. It is 80-20. Not the score of lakers vs singapore slingers but the ratio of pure beef to other ingredients used in making of patty. Confirm wont shortchange u and the meat is so loose and tender that u can throw the bloody knife away. Just use the fork to cut the meat like butter. When u put in mouth, the enzyme in ur saliva will break the protein that loosely keep the meat together and with a simple twirl of your tongue, it will scatter the meat like sakura blossom. Then the juice packed in the space pocket of the meat will be released and fill ur mouth with an umami and grill flavour so strong u feel like riding on a bull. The meat is lightly seasoned in salt and pepper and retain the most natural form of taste. The onion rings also add a sweet vege taste to the meat and the specially made meat sauce and cheese drenched over delivers a splendid fatality finishing move to your palate.

meat stack

Meat StackĀ ($27.90):
This is one bold and garang combination. Never had someone stack chicken, beef and mutton together before in a burger. Why? Cause the overwhelming meat taste and kambing flavour will make it super jer lak. But this is surprisingly done nicely. The kambing got no bodoh peh kambing smell and in fact it has the roasted lamb taste and a slight tint of rosemary fragrance. Very juicy and packed meat. One bite and the zap just let it go, let it go~. Machiam like 20 lamb just packed into one patty. The beef patty is the same as messy joe and the crispy chicken is the korean sauce style. It is so spicy and sexy that u will shout oppa oppa when u take ur first bite. In my opinion, the chicken is even better than nene chicken. For those who like to taste the natural flavour of the individual meat, can take this. Cause each patty is a flavour of its own. Machiam, korean oppa, malay ah bang and ang mo dua ki sit together and chit chat on same table.

Really hail as one of the best tower burgers i have eaten. And in terms of originality, portion, flavour, taste appeal and creativity is 100/100. This ah bang is a real artist and legend.



I Am…Legend

Address: 1 Venture Avenue BigBox Foodcourt
Operating hours: 8am to 9pm