Eat Lorsa and be Mabuk @ Ma Bo

Bugis Albert Complex Hawker - Ma Bo Lor Mee

Today, let me intro you one new dish in Singapore. It is called Lorsa. This is not some spanish dish but is a fusion of Lor Mee and Laksa. In fact is from a stall you see around Singapore called Ma Bo.

They specialised in Lor Mee and Laksa. But I tink as time pass, the Lor Mee and Laksa together so long till each took on traits from one another. Just like if you mix with good company, you become guai kia. Mix with bad party, become guan lan kia.

Must order their laksa. Because the laksa zap is damn thick that even after drinking water, the taste of the coconut milk and laksa spice still in your mouth. The zap is also umami sweet because it is cooked from prawn broth.
To transform into Lorsa, must add lots of the Lor Mee garlic and chili. Stir for 5 seconds, and the transmutation is complete. Now you will have a bowl of godly dish in your hand.

The already thick zap, now after transform, packs a punch to your face machiam Saitama serious punch series. You will kana KC, KNN, KO by this dish in this respective order. First, you will taste the coconut flavour in the creamy broth with laksa spice, then 2 seconds later, a sudden wave of overwhelming garlic taste take over. Just when you thought is over, the spicy sambal hiding behind the garlic jump out and sting your tongue.

Eating this bowl of Lorsa will bring you a step closer to your transcendence.


Ma Bo

Address: 270 Queen Street #01-67 S180270
Operating hrs: 8am to 2pm