Eat like a Dragon @ Dragon Bowl

Haha last night didnt post cause makan till beng san. Strike 4D so blanja whole family go makan buffet. This restaurant called dragon bowl now got buffet promotion. Mon to thur adult $38++ nia. 100 over ala carte selection. Machiam worth it.

Feel like an emperor here cause the server will serve u, dun need kiap the food urself. So those lazy lam nua kia who like to be served can come here. Their specialty is chili crab and steam lobster. Chili crab normal nia, the zap not fragrant enough. Cause they didnt add the little prawns (hae bee). If add my neighbour hae bee hiam sure power. The lobster is not good, meat is tough and the brown color thing on top duno simei lai. Garlic not taste like garlic, egg white not taste like egg white. Sad to say their specialty quite cui.

But the saving grace is here! Their deep fried soon hock is the beast man. Very fresh, no smelly china oil smell, and generous portion. U noe la some restaurant soon hock is ikan bilis size. Soon hock nt cheap, outside like this cao cao need $80. But here free flow. The meat is tender and skin crispy, plus the soya sauce zap, superb man. Is 100% similar to outside restaurant $80 soon hock.

Their steam patin fish also beh pai. For people like those oily fish, can eat this. Contain alot fish fat and omega, make u grow tall. But pity is the fried garlic and soya sauce zap not enough. But can request for more when order. Their fish is fresher than their crab and lobster. Must eat.

The other notable dishes is their black pepper beef. Its so tender tat i tot initial is deer meat. Put in mouth melt. Machiam like wagyu. Their hot pot beef brisket and tendon is a must if u order rice. Put the sauce and soft collegen tender on ur rice and eat. Heaven man.

Lastly, their dessert also one of the best i eaten. The osmunthus duno how to spell jelly is god like. Better than the stupid tim ho wan. Free flow also, sibei value.

If u wan value for money seafood that usually is damn ex outside, can come here. Nice food, nice service.


Dragon Bowl at Greenwich