Eat Durian Be Happy @ Lele Durian

Hor seh la! Yesterday one bro recommend me to jiak liu lien. Haha sibei long donkey yrs never eat good liu lian. So bro say this stall liu lien really up there one. Location abit far for me la but food for life leh.

Its located in a wet market and there are a few liu lien stalls here. But this stall is super convenient as its facing the carpark. So can jiak and see ur car if got summon auntie can cao. Anw the boss is a very friendly and chirpy guy. Very enthu in explaining to me the types of liu lien and their flavour. Very passion.

Ordered the red prawn and cat mountain king. Price is reasonable and they cater table so can bring ur kakis here also. The red prawn is really out of this planet man. First taste is bitter, then after 3 seconds the sweetness slowly creeps in. Its slight sweetness and not overwhelming kind. Then this is the best part, as the meat melt in your mouth, it releases an alcohol taste machiam like XO. Sibei gao lak! Is like eating Godiva Alcohol Truffle Dark Chocolate. Meat is also soft to that extend u la ur jik then meat break.

The cat mountain king also bagus. The bitterness level is 2x the red prawn minus the alcohol taste. So those below 18 can eat. Its not the bittergourd bitter but those durain bitterness fragrance which you will reminisce even one week after. Even after i drink water, the bitter fragrance still in my mouth. It is also much creamier in texture machiam eating cream. These 2 really are the hot sellers.

Owner also says their durain comes direct from muar. So didnt go through a supplier to make sure the durain is fresh and retain most of its flavourful taste. Will definitely come again. One of the best!

Maoshanwang – sgd 16 per kg
Jinfeng aka golden phoenix- sgd 16 per kg
Red prawn – sgd 10 per kg
D13, ganghai- sgd 8 per kg
Black pearl, XO – sgd 12 per kg


Lele Durian

Address: 20 ghim moh road ghim moh market #01-125 S270020

Operating hrs: 12pm to 9pm everyday or liu lien sold out