Duck Rice chop chop @ 682 Hougang St 61

Today woke up late pak tor sibei yao. So jik tao eat lunch together lor. Need to buy container for auntie to put hae bee hiam also so walk walk see ai jiak simi. Suddenly! I smell this lor zap smell. Follow the smell and find myself at this chicken rice/duck rice stall.

Wa piang the owner all rounder, got sell duck, chicken, roast meat, char siew. Wat the duck!? Ask the auntie what is their specialty she say duck. Ok lor. Order 1 plate $3.50. Quite ex but then the portion alot. I like the uncle attitude, he wack the duck, chop and dun even bother to arrange the pieces on the rice. Cause also hard la cause he give quite alot meat. Only meat little bit can arrange nicely and wont fall off rice. He just wan serve me fast and good quantity.

The moment the auntie open the lid to scoop the lor zap. Wa shiok! The smell can bring my soul away. Its a fragrance of soya sauce, 5 spice powder and white pepper. Its so strong that i tink upstairs hdb also can smell. Pity he didnt cook braised meat, if not sure shiok.

The duck meat duno swim inside the lor zap how long. The flavour damn eat inside the meat. Other duck rice stall u need dip the meat into the chili cause normally the meat not much taste, only the skin have. But this stall, not only the skin got the flavour, the meat also. Miachiam u eat the meat alone is like drinking the lor zap. Though the duck braised very long, but the meat still very juicy machiam like steam duck. Another well done is the zap not too salty. Its fragrant, and mild salty. So even u drink like soup also no problem.

This is a very old timer way of cooking the duck. Very humble and down to earth. Not fanciful but just authentic food.


Address: 682 Hougang St 61 S530682
Operating hrs: normally until 4pm sell off jiu go home zzz