Despacito Ricos @ To-Ricos Kway Chap

Today is pay day! Feel so shiok and powerful when got money. Thought of go restaurant makan steak. But need pay bills, pay for utilities, pay for my 3 gfs, pay for 3 tongkat ali. No tongkat ali no honey. In the end pok kai.

See my wallet left $4.50 nia only enough eat kway chap. Poor man cant be chooser. But sometime is good to be poor man in a while. Because this kway chap stall is damn shiok! Its called Tos Ricos. Sound machiam atas french. I tot is sell those spagethi, french onion soup. I ask the uncle eh why act atas, he pretend not to hear me. Nabei.

But got to say their kway is one of the best i eaten. Not the same as the one beside punggol park that use sweet potato to make till transparent. But this is belong to those traditional type where it is soft and not too thick, not too thin. Can easily slide down your throat. So those auntie who like to talk alot when eating can eat this. Very safe, wont choke and die. The consistency is the same for every piece of kway. Same thickness, same texture. The soup also good. Though not those with herb fragrance, but it taste like pig organ soup. The uncle actually use the soup broth that he boil the intestine, meat, egg as the base for the kway chap soup. But abit salty la.

The intestine also very soft and QQ. Normally QQ is hard. But this is soft + QQ. It is also well clean and no smell. Some stall got the shit smell. The portion is quite generous also. Chilli is so so nia.

Overall is good. Especially the kway and the soup. I tell u, u order the kway alone is enough liao. Cause its really that good.


To-Ricos Kway Chap 多丽哥粿汁

Ci Yuan CC

#01-30, 51 Hougang Ave 9

11:00am – 10:30pm