Crab! Local Food @ Ginger PARKROYAL

If you a crab siao like me then faster get your kar chng down to ParkRoyal Ginger.

This place crab pattern more than badminton. Got chili crab, black pepper crab, stewed crab, chilled crab. The crabs are huge and packed with meat machiam they wearing Under Armour Compression Shirt. So the moment you crack the shell, the meat will spring onto your face. Not like Jumbo machiam crab balloon cause inside meat little, air alot.

Meat is juicy and sweet and the crabs are live. And also the meat very funny. Is firm but at the same time got a layer of zap in between. So the more you bite the meat, the more zap it release like eating pear. The best is the black pepper crab. Taste can fight with House of Seafood. Those sweet dark soya sauce peppery duak duak kind.


Stewed crab beh pai. Cause the zap really sedap. Its like clam chowder and hae mee soup had an illegitimate child. But pity the meat become abit dry cause the crab sweat all the zap into the broth.

They have alot of other local delicacies like Orh Luak, Rojak, Kueh Pai Tee. So if you wan to one shot eat all the local food, come here. Alot ah gong ah ma also. So is a good place u wan to spend time with ur family with and get urself into ur rich ah gong or ah ma good books for a brighter future.


Good food and quite affordable for buffet ($58 dinner) with freeflow crab and lobster. So dun say bojio.

Ps: try their baked salmon. I sompah u eat this, wont eat other salmon. The taste and texture is so buttery that the meat will disintegrate in your mouth instantly

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Ginger, PARKROYAL on Beach Road

Address: 7500 Beach Road S199591
Operating hrs: 6pm to 10pm daily