Chicken that go gym @ Chicken House

​Yesterday is really a chicken vs duck day haha. Another bro here jio me to his stall to try his chicken rice. If u miss the stall then u really bodoh cause its called chicken house and write till so big. It specialised on kampong chicken. So those who like slim, fit, tender chicken, this is the place. Cause kampong chicken got exercise one leh. Everyday machiam run 2.4km.

I tell u man. This is the best kampong chicken rice i eaten. Forget the other stalls, this is the king. No joke. No wonder appear in newspaper and even Edmund Chen comes frequently.


The chicken is unlike any other chicken i eaten. The meat is super tender. I thought the owner give me all drumstick meat. I say deh all drumstick meat so biased meh. He say no leh is half chicken. Wa piang! The breast  breast also machiam tender like drumstick meat. The meat is also super juicy. As u can see in the pic, i stick my fork and the zap all flow out. Shiok! There is also no layer of fat between the meat and skin. Sia la chicken having a more ideal body fat propotion than me. So this is a plate of super healthy tasty chicken. Now the thing that really blow me is the skin. U know outside chicken rice the steam chicken skin is soft. But this, the skin is springy and qq. Machiam like eating the qq pork skin. Tasty tender meat and qq skin, super good combi i tell u.


The chili also bagus. Its blended with ginger, garlic, onion and chicken stock. No wonder i eat the chilli got the initial wave of spiciness, then the strong ginger and garlic fragrance, then the chicken stock sweetness. Its so good i can machiam drink it like a spicy version of chicken soup. Meat with skin in chili then in mouth, thats the way to enjoy life man.


Damage for half chick is only $14. Damn worth i tell u. Will definitely come again. Skip all the other chicken rice stall when u walk along the street. Cause why bother deal with the surbodinate when u can deal with the big boss urself?

Ps. Dun guniang dun eat the skin. Cause u missing out on something here. And those bo geh or with children no need worry. The chicken is deboned. Even chicken wing can deboned. Walao. Talk about dedication to serve.

Ps 2. Another thing i like about this stall is how they make their chicken the main highlight. There sauce drenched over the chicken is mild, not too sweet or salty. All the flavour comes from the chicken itself. This showcases how tasteful their chicken alone is.

Chicken House

Address: 226 East Coast Rd S428923

Opening hrs: 1030am to 930pm