Chicken Chop War @ Fusion Express

Today a bro pm says he know a western food the chicken chop can fight with the hougang ah beng one. Walao really not? If ah beng hear sure wack you one leh. He says yes confirm because their black pepper sauce is really up there.

The stall is located about 5 mins walk from serangoon nex, so quite convenient. Ordered the black pepper chicken chop for myself and the fish and chips for my buddy. Mine comes with mash potato and fried rice as sides and my bud comes with cheesy pasta and coleslaw as sides.

The bro really no blow cannon, the black pepper sauce really can fight with the ah beng sauce. The sauce is own made by owner and consist of chicken stock + black pepper sauce and the peppery taste is not too strong. That explains why when i eat the zap is machiam like drinking the chicken soup. Very chickery sweetness filled with chicken stock essence. The amount of black pepper is just nice, not to the extent that makes the whole sauce sourish. So is like drinking black pepper chicken soup. The chicken is also grilled perfectly and is evenly charred at the fatty side of the skin, further ampliflying the “chargrilled” taste similar to wok hei. Chicken is juicy and tender also.

Wa piang, ah beng got rival gang liao haha cause really can fight. The mash potato also own made and not like those outside lazy noob use powder. This is hard work man! Hand mashed. So can really taste potato.


My bud’s fish and chips also well done. Outside crispy and inside soft. Even when we talk cock for 20mins, the fish still crispy sia. Normally outside after awhile, the batter turn soft like my 78 yo ah gong. But this remain crispy and when cut got crack crack. Its also worth it cause the fish really alot. The batter is also just a thin layer outside as owner wan make sure his food is value for money. Very soft dory fillet and no stuffy sbs bus smell like those frozen too long. Tag team with the tar tar sauce is really like macdonald fish fillet.


Before we go off owner blanja us 1 chicken wing cause he say is their best. Really no joke also. Skin is super crispy and meat is juicy and tender. So tender u can peel the whole meat off the bone easily. There is also no batter between the skin and meat. Just crispy skin kiap meat. Machiam like roasted suckling pig

Definitely will cum again. Come i mean. Really too shiok.







Fusion Express

Address: Blk 326 Serangoon Ave 3 S550326

Operating hrs: Daily 1pm to 1am