Cheesy steamboat affair @ Hook On Steamboat

Today a bro pm me that there is a solid steamboat restaurant in Changi Rd area. He told me that this is the first stall that came up with the nachos cheese steamboat concept and their cheese dip is out of this planet. I say really or not? Alot of laksa stall also self proclaim is katong laksa leh but in the end eat is potong laksa. He guaranteed me 100% plus chop if not he tok.

So went down lor. The stall is not hard to find. U will see one big steamboat word and they make sure u hooked on somemore. The person attending to me is very friendly and patient. He know I first time come so explain to me the soup base, the menu and how to enjoy good nachos cheese dip. Na bei, if my teacher explain like this to me like a patient i sure pass my O levels la. Turn out the bro who reco me can save his little brother and remain a man. Cause this is by far the best nacho dip mix I had. The owner explain that the cheese is they melted themselves and add in chicken stock and garlic. No wonder I eat the cheese machiam got the chicken stock sweetness taste and garlicky fragrance. The cheese is mild salty and not sibei giam overpowering like those outside eat liao need go nkf wash. So this way u can enjoy the taste of the dippee (ingredients) and the dip. Sibei shiok. I tell u man, i feel like forgo the other food and just lim the cheese dip. The consistency is also very gao and wont bubble and chao ta. I stir like 1000 times but still is sticky. Its so thick that you can pull the cheese strains up to 1metre (as seen in pic) and use it as skipping rope. Only gao gao authentic nachos cheese can do this, the owner says.

They have alot of difference sauces as well. The most popular is the sweet thai seafood sauce. It is sweet, slight spicy and has an orangey taste. Its like eating thai sweet chilli and drinking orange juice at same time. The citrus flavour is very 开胃. So make sure u wont jer lak and eat more.

Meats are all marinated inhouse specially by the owner himself. The main stars are the satay chicken and dwaeji pork ribs. Satay chicken is soft, tender and juicy and has a mild tint of lemon grass fragrance. This really sexy up the usually common-everywhere-can-get-like-seoul garden satay chicken taste. Its like one day discovering your nerdy female classmate is a wild party animal by night. The dwaeji pork ribs is also nicely done. Thick chunks, super duper juicy tender meat marinated to the core with korean bean paste sauce. Be careful when eating this at it is a squirter.


The seafood are also freshly delivered from Jurong Fishing port. So no worries about it gives a bad after-taste and rob the seafood of it’s sweetness. Scallops and oysters are big and juicy. And eating them will make you feel like running down miami beach naked. So fresh and carefree. If you are on Premium, they will have mini lobster (promo for now) and the fatty beef slices. I tell you man, if u dun order the fatty beef slice, u are a noob. This is the best meat on the entire meat list. Its like a piece of butter when in your mouth. Let the warmth in your mouth work itself and you can take a nap as the meat will auto melt and disintegrate. And as it does so, the meat juice trapped inside will be released along with the liquified fats. So sweet, so tender and delicate. Its the kind of meat u will like to bring back for ur mother for cny steamboat.


Overall is a good experience. Ambience is good, service is good, cheese dip is superb, ingredients are fresh. Will defnitely come again and be hooked again.


Hook On Steamboat

Address: 389 changi rd s419838

Operating hrs: 5pm to 12am everday except monday close