Cheesy Cheese Mookata @ Ladyboy

Today intro you ladyboy. Dun misunderstand, not those deskar road Kumar kind. But a sibei tok kong mookata at Geylang area.

The stall name really call Ladyboy Mookata. No idea why but is very catchy, especially ang mo old man will like it. The design of the restaurant also very modern and trendy. They also have basket for you to put your bag. Sibei sweet hor, ikr.

Looking at the menu is machiam looking at the 100 positions of kamasutra. Wide variety and pattern, confirm wont sian.

Items I will recommend are their slipper lobster, lamb chops and their salted egg yolk dip.

Slipper lobsters are huge and fresh. You know la some other place the lobster machiam hae bee. Deshell it and grill it over the pan. Let the sweet zap flow into the soup and u can enjoy ur grilled lobster and lobster bisque at the same time. Their lamb chops are power. This is not those small pieces of lamb meat but is a big chunk that comes with bone. Those u normally order in western restaurant. Grilled it over the pan to char the fats and in doing so, the zap and lamb oil ooze out and envelop the meat. Cook it till 70% for optimum taste and the buttery flavour.

Finally the boss, salted egg yolk dip. This is machiam like a transmogrification pool. Dip prawn inside, become salted egg yolk prawn. Dip pork rib inside, become salted egg yolk ribs. Its so good that if u dip anything awful tasting in it (e.g Ding Tai Fung food) it will turn out to be delicious.

Quite recommend this place. Great ambience, great food and alot chio bu diners in weekends.

Ladyboy Mookata

Address: 644 Geylang Rd S389574
Operating hrs: 6pm to 2am (Mon to Fri) / 5pm to 1am (Sat) /5pm to 1am (Sun)

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