Cheap + Traditional Mookata @ GoldenMile

Last night my lim jiu kaki bring me to a nightspot in golden mile. After disco yo ar yo bak toh yao so try this mookata downstairs.

Wa yu nia bo? Price from $1.80 per plate. Gan cheap leh. Even cheaper than mac cheese burger. We ordered quite a few of ingredients. But the one that strike my memory hard machiam my relative owe me $2000 is the smoked duck breast, fish noodles, truffle enoki mushroom, truffle corn, marinated pork belly.

Firstly, all their ingredients damn fresh. Seafood caught from the pond outside and meat cut from the animal from the farm behind. Their marination belongs to the mild side because tia gong the boss want their ingredient to maintain their natural taste and sweetness. This only can be done if ingredients fresh la. If not fresh then learn from seoul garden marinate gao gao.


Smoked duck breast got the faint distinct applewood smoked equisite fragrance. Meat is tender and alot zap. After eating, the smoked applewood fragrance staya in your mouth for 5 secs before spirited away. The fish noodles is one of a kind. Machiam u eating fishball but then is noodles form. QQ and sweet mackerel fish meat taste makes u feel like go canoeing in sentosa. Their marinated pork also beh pai. Got garlic one and sesame. Tender and juicy meat which after bbqing still retain their moisture. Their innovative dish, black truffle corn and enoki is the beast. Very fragrant truffle smell and plays very well with the corn and enoki. Dun worry about shell petrol smell cause the truffle smell not overwhelming but is pleasantly fragrant.


Their special chilli sauce is the best. This is the 5 layer taste chilli. First taste is sour from the lime. Then slowly the strong smell of garlic whips in out of a sudden like hurrican katrina, leaving a pile of destruction in your mouth. As the bitter garlic taste build to an adrenaline climax, the sweetness of the thai chili sauce mixture kicks in, bringing u back to serenity. Then with a final touch, the everlasting fragrance of corrinder. This chilli is like a metamorphisis pool. Watever got thrown in will be enhanced. This is how magical it is.


best chili

Will definitely come again. Can wack their special chili sauce and is free flow some more.



Their vermicilli salad also beh pai. Eat liao sibei open stomach.

Siam Square

Address: 6001 Beach Rd #b1-63 S199589
Operating hrs: 3pm to 5am everyday


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