Cheap Lor Mee @ Bus Driver Canteen Nex

Today went nex to interview as bus captain. Cause heard is high pay and can drive like formula one. At least i am English speaking better than some ah tiong driver you say want go clementi they ask u 开门踢? If see me say hi and i give u discount heh heh.

Bak tor yao so see see ai jiak simi. Waa beh pai the bus captain got their own canteen (beside the bus interchange) and the food damn cheap. $2.80 lor mee where to find? Unless go JB. The portion quite generous, got 3 piece yam, bee hoon also alot and the pork meat decent. Normal nia la. Wat can u expect if is cheap. Like CAT 50 will always be that standard nia.

The zap is abit blend so i ask him add more chilli and vinegar. Wa! After adding is like transformation. The drastic change in flavour is machiam like justin beiber become from faggot to real man. The sourness of vinegar bring out the fragrant of the garlic and the mild 5 spice fragrant of the zap from previous 10% now up to 40%. The chili also makes the zap got this pricky and spicy sensation. If u close eyes is machiam eating tom yum soup but more gooey kind.

Overall still ok if power up with chilli n vinegar. If not will be so blend like paper.