Cheap Good Black Cai Tau Kueh @ Shun Li

If you ever want a quick fix of breakfast. I reco you one solid cai tao kueh at eunos. Stall name Soon Lee Carrot Cake. Normally cai tao kueh $2 come is portion machiam for ants to eat, but this stall really generous in their serving. So no need paiseh. Order 1 plate $2, 2 person also can share. If cant finish, can eat for breakfast n lunch.

Uncle take pride in presenting quality food and so will be slower abit. Cook with heart sure slow and make sure nice nice eat liao warm at heart ma. U tink macdonalds meh? The cai poh also exist in this cao tao kueh. U know ar, outside alot cai tao kueh sibei giam cai poh. Sometimes eat whole plate also can count the cai poh with fingers. But this stall uncle just wack. Though alot cai poh but not salty. Crunchy, slight sweet adds a flavour to the kueh.

The egg also machiam freeflow here. Wonder how uncle make money sia. All ingredient 9696 one. The egg to kueh portion is like 60:40 here. Uncle fried till the egg become a bridge between the kueh, bringing them together and covering them with its slightly charred exterior. You bite, 1st taste confirm the egg with wok hei taste machiam furong egg. Then the taste of the cai poh and then finally the kueh radish taste. Downside is abit sweet la. Cause the bugger in front request for more soya sauce. If u see that bugger dun queue behind. Suspect diabetes patient.

If u wan generous serving of cheap and nice cai tau kueh, must come here. And yes the kueh is sibei hot. After like 10mins still got steam come out.


Shun Li Carrot Cake

Address: 4A Eunos Crescent #01-26 S402004
Operating hrs: Daily 8am till 9pm

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