Champion Zi Char with the Freshest Seafood @ Ban Tong

Last night a bro reco me to one of his all time fav zi char stall at clementi. Walao sibei far leh. But bro ensure me is just 5 mins walk from clementi mrt and food is damn worth it.
When I reach the place is already damn crowded. Lucky bro already reserved a place for me. The whole kopitiam is ownage by this one stall as all customers eating this stall. Sibei ang pai sia. Ordered their signature assam fish, cereal crayfish along with funny taste pork ribs, salted egg yolk sotong, sambal sweet potato leaves and prawn paste chicken wing.


Assam fish 

The fish is daily freshly taken from the jurong fish port. So u dun need scared the fish got those machiam underwear-outfield-one week-no-wash fishy smell. Very tender and juicy meat that embodied the freshness of the atlantic ocean. It also comes pipping hot on a tray with campfire burning below and the assam zap is bubbling like volcano. The zap is very unique, first mouth is sour assam, then slowly the sweetness of the ketchup comes in. As u bite on the zap, u can taste the bits and pieces of the lemon grass and laksa leaf, unleashing a never-before refreshing fragrance that wake up all ur senses. Eating the zap is machiam like the chili crab zap (same consistency too) but with more spice fragrance and sourish taste. Can just eat the zap with rice for whole day.


Prawn paste chicken wing

For people who dislike those super giam version outside, can eat this. It is mild salty but the flavour of the prawn paste is overwhelming. Even after i drink coke, the taste of the prawn paste still in mouth. So dun kiss ur mother after eating this ar. The chicken meat also very tender and alot zap. One bite and it squirt out. So be careful when eating and not squirt at ur frend


Cereal crayfish

The good thing is the crayfish already deshelled for u. So is easy for u to eat and not get messy and dirty. The portion is also quite generous. Huge portion of fresh and tender crayfish meat packed into a tigh batter and coated with generous flakes of cereal. Very sweet meat and juicy. Meaning the crayfish is fresh and not frozen. Cause when frozen the meat is fluffy and dry machiam like eating cotton wool. The cereal is fried till high level. Each pieces is singularity and not lump together. If got time u can even count each and single pieces of the cereal. And they retain their inner moister even though crispy in outside. So eating this wont make u feel like eating sand in sahara desert. The laksa leaves also amplifies the oatmeal fragrance of the cereal.


Funny taste pork rib

This is indeed funny taste because u eat this machiam like eating 4 flavours. First taste is sweet like honey, then slowly turns bitter like coffee, then slowly the wok heh fragrance creeps in and finally the sweet meat juice taste from the ribs itself. It is also topped with onions to fish out the sweetness of the meat. Ribs are juicy and tender too and do not have those sbs bus odor. Meaning it is not frozen too long.
Sambal potato leaves – generous amount of hae bee in the sambal balachen when frying the vege. The hae bee also comes in bite size so as to give u the 口感 mouth feeling and taste of biting into real hand blended balachen and not those noob ntuc buy kind used in many other zi char stalls. The leaves also cooked in the perfect timing to retain its crunchiness and moistness.


Salted egg sotong

This is one of the best salted egg sotong i eaten. First look, nothing special, but when put in mouth, the adventure of ur lifetime begins. Firstly, when u bite into the sotong, its like biting into a black hole. U destroy the black hole and releases all the salted egg yolk flavour, sotong sweet juicy flavour sucked in by the sotong. It is so overwhelming that my taste bud go haywire on whichever taste comes first as all comes together. The salted egg yolk powdery texture further add on the thrill of the joyride. Very full of the 蛋黄 fragrance and sotong 鲜甜味. You have to eat this yourself to experience it.


Overall is a good stall recommendation. Very fresh food, home made sauces with no added preservatives and artificial flavour, highly level and passionate cooking. Will come again.


Ban Tong Seafood

Address: Blk 378 Clementi Ave 5 S120378

Operating hrs: 12 to 1430 and 1700 to 2200 everyday