CBD Lunch Place – Yong Tau Fu @ Sungai Weng

Today can lunch early. So thought of go axa tower area makan. Hoping can see some small fresh meat 小鲜肉 heh heh. Turn out bo leh. Nabei waste lim pei time. Only have a bunch of tee ko pek (excluding me) waiting to see OL nia.

See this yong tau fu machiam beh pai. Got appear in newspaper leh but never heard before. Maybe is photoshop? Like the famous hair cutter also use photoshop ma. So just try try lor. Ordered some fried items, the tau kua, lady fingered and bitter god. Wah their ytf sibei alot pattern like badminton. Got am pang, laksa, dry, soup, chee chong fun, kachiang puteh nasi lemak. Ordered their signature am pang. Quite cheap only $5 nia.

I tell u man, the newspaper is no joke. This is some real stuff man. The am pang sauce is so fragrance that the table behind me can smell also. The sauce got add chinese wine and mushroom and the fried flat fish. The combination sibei power to the max! Machiam like drinking chinese mushroom soup, but got the faint faint wine fragrance and got the salty and chao ta smell of the flat fish machiam like those bbq cuttlefish in rojak. The flat fish also add to the seafood sweetness.

The ytf items all handmade, so is damn fresh. Oil also change regularly so the items are crispy and no oil smell. The chili and the sweet sauce normal normal nia. The thick beehoon also well done cause not cooked till nua. Still QQ and like skipping rope.

Overall is a good try. If u like a decent meal with a good price and nice zap to drink (i finish all the zap). Then this is the stall.

Ps. Come at 12pm onwards. Thats when all the chio OLs comes in. Many from AXA. Heh heh.


Address: 8 Shenton Way #B1-21 S068811
Operating hr : Mon to Fri 7am to 9pm
Sat 7am to 3pm
Sun off