Briyani Power @ AL Zouq

Actually the day before i win 4D $1mil. Tat is why i resign from my job. So lunching with my colleague last day haha. Had the craving of eating bryani and my colleague craving for prata so go to this stall recommended by an ah neh bro here.

The ah neh sibei friendly and can speak chinese. He also very handsone. So those duno speak english or tamil can communicate. Ordered the bryani mutton and i stunned like vegetable cause its so cheap and portion quite alot. Damage only $5.50. The mutton is so soft that you will mistake that u eating marshmellow. Put in mouth, chew it to release the zap trapped inside. The zap of the mutton so rich and fresh machiam like kambing soup. Every mutton piece has kambing soup trapped inside. Manuvere abit with your tongue and the meat just break into pieces. Its that soft and delicate piece of exquisite meat. Its like the meat all held up loosely by thread and ready to fall and break apart anytime. Best of all, no smelly bodoh peh kambing smell.

The bryani rice also sedap. Super high level as its cooked together with chicken bone. So the chicken essence all absorbed into the rice. Each grain got infused with the chicken stock taste gao gao. Actually taste better than the boon tong kee chicken rice. Mild spicy and very fragrant too with the spice. Actually just eat the rice can liao, cause its that good.

The prata wise abit cold la. If can make on spot better.

If you wan good bryani and friendly, bilingual and handsome ah neh to serve u. This is the right place.



Address: 63 Robinson Rd 068894
Operating hrs: mon to fri 9am to 9pm (unconfirmed)