Briyani Day Out @ Meera’s Curry

Moneycome bros and sis. Today intro you one secret hideout for those who like indian food. Its called Meera’s Curry and you know come here sure must eat curry if not ah neh spank you. Walk in store, you will be mesmerised by 2 things. The beautiful spread of food laid in front of you like virgin sacrifices and the charming smile of the Sharul Khan lookalike waiter.

Ordered their Dum Chicken Bryani ($7.50) and Mutton Rib Sex ($7.50). Each comes with 2 side veges.

Dum ChickenĀ Bryani – the rice makes you predict the future. How? The moment you put it near ur mouth, ur saliva auto-cum and you can taste the chicken-essence-infused-rice. It is so fragrant that the smell will trick ur mind and induce a precognitive ability that you have tasted the rice even before u actually did.
Chicken is juicy and moist and retains 30% of its flavour. The 70% is in the rice.

Mutton Rib Sex. Set* – The mutton taste so good that it feels like you are having sex with the ribs. Soft to touch but pumped full of meat juice. Pop it into ur mouth and it will be gone and melted in 60 seconds. No busuk groin mutton smell but has a slight sweet meat taste. Masala is spicy at the right level with the gravy thicken by the tendon of the melted off meat. Just the masala zap and rice alone, is worth a michelin star.

Will definitely come again. Delicious food, good service and handsome Indian Men.

Address: 9 Veerasamy Road S207317
Operating hrs: 11am till 930pm