Best Ti Kar in Bangkok @ Or Tor Kok Market

​Sawa d cup bro and sis! Been my 3rd day in Thailand already and am enjoying myself very much! Girls here are nice, sexy and hot. Making the hot weather hotter! But whats more hot is the food here. Super food paradise man, dun play play. Thai people put alot of heart in cooking their food and uses the freshest ingredients and spices. No wonder their food swee mak mak like spice girls.

If u guys like pork leg rice, u have to come this stall i tell u. According to locals, it is one of the best in bangkok and some say batam. It is located in foodcourt in “Or tor kok market”. It is  pronounce as “oh talk cock” in case u taking cab or toot toot. But if take train then it is located at Kamphaeng phet bts station.

The lady cooking very considerate, she will scrap off the fatty parts cause she heart feel u and care for u dun wan u eat too much calestorol. Thats why i find wife in thailand cause they so caring. This pork leg is the healthiest i have eaten. I can safely tell u guys it is zero fat. Most of the fat is cooked till it dissolved into the skin, creating a collagen layer just beneath the skin. The meat also so soft that the lady dun need to chop the meat. She just pull the meat off the bones. The lor zap she drenched on the meat is also not flamboyant like michael jackson, just a slight mild salty and 5 spice flavour with a hint of basil leave fragrance. Understand why cause most of the lor zap flavour already eat into the meat.

Put the meat in ur mouth and it will melt in 1min 25 seconds. Thats the duration of visting heaven and coming back. The skin melts off. Then the collagen envelops the whole meat. This is the time when the meat become so vulnerable and brittle machiam like a girl just broke off that slight movement in ur mouth will break it to pieces. Then once break, the ocean of flavour trapped in the meat will be released like a beast. Slapping u left right centre n up down.

Eating this, i guarantee u wont eat any other pork leg. Will come again definitely cause is damn too good!


Address: 139/4 1, samsen nai,

Phaya thai, krung thep maha nakhon 10400

Operating hrs: 6am to 6pm