Best neighbourhood Hokkien Mee @ Sheng Hock

Today bring u to the King of Hokkien mee. Tell you all, this is a hidden gem not known to the outside world. I dare to say better than Tian Tian Lai from tpy.

This stall had been around for 10 over years even when Bruce Willis still has hair. The thing that set this apart from the other hokkien mee is its disregard for being healthy. It is a plate of ultimate sin as they add alot of pork lard and fried pork lard and prawn soup stock. The amount of colestrol will erupt an artery anytime. It is a plate of plain attitude like saying, ” I am fat, so wat? Not happy mai jiak la. Go jiak zeh”.

The wok hei is so strong that every strain of noodle is slight charred. And the stock has a collagenish texture with strong prawn head taste and overwhelming bah yu pok fragrance. Though the taste is overhelming, it wont make you jer lak as the sweet sambal chilli compliments it. Every mouthful will bring u 1 level up to heaven. So shiok that u just continue eating until u lick the plate clean.

Price also reasonable at $4 with decent amount of ingredient. But the memory is everlasting. You eat this, sure wont eat other hokkien mee. If tian tian lai makes u cum daily, this makes u cum every second.

Address: Sheng Hock Hokkien Mee 681 Hougang Ave 4 530682

Operating hrs: 530pm to 1045pm

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