Best Mookata in Town

Bros and sis here, share with u a bagus lobang here. Forget the mookata at golden mile or bugis, I might have found the best mookata in Singapore. This one no joke man. If not nice, me and a random of 10 bros here tok.

This stall though no buffet but their set is one of the most value for money one. Cause sibei alot. I tink got typo la, the set is for 2 pax but actually can feed up to 3 or 4 sia. Furthermore the ingredient and meat all sibei fresh. Machiam like behind the shop is farm and direct cut from the cow and pig. The big big diff is here they use the charcoal to cook one. 1000x better than the outside gas. So the flavour will all eat into the meat slowly. And if u tot charcoal will be smoky, u r noob. Cause the boss here use high end equipment. So confirm wont smoky.

Their signature is the abalone slice in thai sauce. Very chewy and fresh abalone slices drench in homemade zap which consist of lime, lemon grass and fish sauce. This dish stimulate my salivary gland so much that i have a mini orgasm in my mouth. The slight tint of lemon grass fragrance after-taste have a lasting impression machiam u saw ur first love.

Next u got to try their waygu beef. Tell u man, their waygu can really up there. Fully marbled meat just waiting for u to eat, who can tahan sia, even vegetarian also regret. The moment u grill it, the wagyu will sing to u. It sounds like this, “si si si si shalala”. Thats the sound of the fats burning and disintegrating to form a membrane over the meat. And when u put in your mouth, it melts in an instant. And soon, disintegrate into a buttery matter in your mouth.

Their oysters also sibei duap liao n fresh. If outside is B cup, this is F cup. Very sweet and fresh also. One bite, the ocean will slap u on the face. Two bite, the tsunami will wash u away. Sibei shiok. Another highlight is their bak kua. Walao mookata got bak kua? First time hear sia. But i tell u, their bak kua really much better than mei zheng xiang. U try liao tell me how u feel.

Their broth also use whole chicken to cook till flavour gao gao. And as u cook ur meat n seafood, the soup become even more gao n bagus. But no worry cause no msg is added so no need scared soup salty.
Will definitely come again and is a definite heaven for mookata lovers. Try their milk tea too as it is nt that super sweet like outside but nonetheless is very fragrant.

No GST at all. Total damage plus drink, didnt exceed $80 for 2 pax.

Ps. Got one secret way to eat. U know the tau kee right. U cook in the soup and let it suck all the flavour in first. Then u go peng on the stove till crispy like keropok. I tell u, the flavour very creamy machiam jacob biscuits, but add on a grill fragrance and bak yu pok taste. Shiok!

Address: 908 Upper Thomson Rd S787111

Operating hrs: 530pm to 11pm everyday