Best Char Siew Paradise @ Roast Paradise

Roast Paradise - Char Siew and Roasted Meat

After climbing 100 mountains and crossing 100 rivers. I finally found the best Char Siew in Singapore. To not discover this CS stall earlier, I admit I born a Char Siew. For those genuine hardcore CS fan, this is the kind of CS you looking for. Oily but not jerlak, slight chao da, melt-in-mouth kind.

To get the kind of char siew here really through blood and sweat. Marinate, roast in furnace, marinate and repeat at least 8 times. The goal is make the char siew and marinate 合一. Because of the flames from Sauron (charcoal), the intramuscular fat and melting collagen from connective tissue makes the meat moist and juicy. The surface which is subjected to the heat will dry, forming the chao da crispy crust called bark.

When the chef chop the char siew, I feel very much alive. For every chop, the juice will squirt out which makes me gasp in delight. My stomach clenched at the sight of the glistening piece of CS, invoking a insatiable hunger within me. The moment the Char Siew is in my mouth, the fats and collagen holding the meat together melts. As a result, the meat falls apart in grace with a slight twirl of my tongue. In the process, releasing the sweet caramelised char siew zap and spice fragrance. Meat is also soft and tender akin to a maiden’s touch.

Their roast meat also power. Tender, juicy and the skin is ever crispy. Even after 15mins 25 secs, it is still very crispy just like when it is served. They serve not only rice but also Dan Dan noodles (egg noodles) with bak chor. Noodle QQ and it pairs well with the slight salty bak chor and spicy hae bee hiam sambal.


So for those hardcore CS lover maitu liao. They have 2 outlets:

Roast Paradise

531 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 S560531
Operating hr: 11am to 4pm (Mon close)

Old Airport Rd Food Centre #01-121
Operating hr: 11am to 7pm