Bel-ly Yummy caters to your Tummy and Heart

) If you need to order food for party, anniversary, bachelor party or celebrate your ah ma give birth, I reco you this power food caterer Bel-ly Yummy. Wallet friendly level 9999 and food quality even better than Orange Clove, Banana Clove or watsoever.

Indian food, chinese food, malay, western. You name it they have it. Food is all homemade with motherly love and confirm you tio KC. Tried their specialty: Mutton Bryani ($7.50), Thai Fried Chicken ($5.50), Burgertiu ($5.50), Nasi Lemak ($5.50), Satay Chicken ($5.50) and Shephard Pie ($5.50).

Mutton Bryani – this type confirm no eat before cause is Portuguese style. The difference between this and the one Muthu cook for you is this bo keh leng bi. So for those who dun like strong indian spice flavour, this is your best friend. The rice is moist and thick with aroma of tumeric and cashew nuts with a hint of sweetness from the raisins. The mutton is also sibei soft till wind blow it will break apart. Put in mouth, u will thought is lamb butter. Meat is moist and not fat at all. Best is no bodoh peh kambing smell.

Thai Fried Chicken – this is a masterpiece. Crispy on outside and moist and hot on inside. No oil taste and the only liquid here is the zap of the chicken and your overflowing saliva. Even when you leave it for 10mins to play your Mobile Legends, come back the chicken still crispy. The thai chilli sauce also not too spicy and sour so that it is not overwhelming and you can taste your chicken.

Burgertiu – this really tiu. The best I have eaten. Super fluffly ln the inside machiam you biting on cotton candy. The potato fragrance is also OP overwhelming that my neighbour next block call me and ask if I am eating burgertiu. Not dry and still retain the moisture despite the exterior is fried crispy.

Nasi Lemak – eat this and you will know the true definition of coconut rice. Punggol Noobsilemak is just masak masak. This is the real deal. Each grain of rice is machiam like a mini coconut that every mouthful is a coconutoplosion. And the grain is so springy and firm and not soggy.

Satay Chicken – no idea why they provide the peanut sauce. Cause the chicken meat is already so buddy with the sauce that from head to toe is the peanut sauce fragrance. Plus point is the mild lemongrass taste in the meat to further alleviate your taste experience to a whole new level.

Shepherd Pie – this is the best Shepherd pie that makes every shepherd proud. Words cant be used to describe how godly and divine this dish is except that you need to experience the taste at least once and this is the closest to heaven anyone can ever get to. Fluffy mashed potato, sweet meat juice underneath the golden cheesy crust coupled with soft and tender bak chor, this is a must have if you want to feel the love of homecooked food.

Overall is a very excellent experience and to know that a young lady tank all this makes me cant help but exclaim tank in the shopping mall!!

Bel-ly Yummy