Be a Boss @ Dai Lou

Today a bro reco me a new Zi Char stall in Punggol area. It is located in Marina Country Club. Walao forest area sibei ulu leh and heard got alot pontianak like to picnic there like Paya Lebar Mrt.

Anyway no worries as that area already developed. Road spread open like SPG and easy accessible. The restaurant is located beside the sampan dock. So those who own sampan like Peter Lim is super convenient. Windy and beautiful view, indeed a perfecto location for seafood.


Highly recommended the signature XO Claypot Crab Beehoon, Seafood in a Bag and Milk Pork Cubes.


XO Claypot Crab Beehoon ($37): the moment the lid is removed, i immediately drunk. The ba wu of the XO is so strong that when you go home, ur wife will tink u go KTV hug GRO. The broth is smooth and has a creamy texture enriched with seafood sweetness. Drink this is machiam like drinking a lighter version of clam chowder but with XO fragrance. The crab is huge and meaty and not pah pah like ang mo dua ki.


Crab in Da Bag Imperial Pot ($49.90): this is the highlight. The ultimate boss of the game. 1 whole crab, huge mussels, prawns and las las drenched in thick creamy black pepper salted egg yolk sauce is the pure definition of heaven on Earth. Eat this sauce, you will taste 3 levels. 1st taste is sweet and creamy machiam honey buttermilk. 2nd is slight spicy from the black pepper with background curry leave fragrance. 3rd is the salty taste and powdery texture of the grinded salted egg yolk. If there is a word to describe the feeling after tasting this zap, it will be Kimochi Steam. Best to enjoy this dish is to eat with a group of kakis and steam together.


HoneyMilk Pork Cubes ($10): this is the little brother of Seafood in bag. Zap is the same. Just that this is marinated pork cubes in the zap. Pork cube is tender and juicy and the moment u bite it, the juice within explodes machiam God Saiyan Goku releasing his Ki. Eat with rice, and I assure u will be hooked to it for 234 hours 30mins.

Overall a very interesting concept restaurant as the name of dishes are triad theme. Food is fantastic and the view is beautiful. Maybe if they can hire some chio bus in bikinis to serve beer machiam best.




Address: Marina Country Club 11 Northshore Dr #01-0R S828670

Operating hr: Mon to Sun 12pm to 1030pm