Bak Kut Teh – Warm your Soul

This afternoon raining pussy and doggy. Sibei cold till balls shrink. So head down to this famous bak ku teh stall at Tiong Bharu. This stall very long here liao. From my ah gong still alive till he in heaven still around.


The broth here belongs to the teochew peppery version. Soup is sweet due to the boiling of piggy bones for long hours which release the sweet meat essence from the bones. The ratio of the pepper is also perfect that it does not overwhelm the overall taste. Can taste pepper and the sweetness of the pork at the same time. The meat of the pork is so soft machiam gu niang toufu that u kiap with chopstick will break apart. And when it break apart u see the zap flow out like benny lava.

The pork leg also bagus. Very tender and collengeny. Fats is for fags and no worries as the fat is cooked till fusion with the meat and form a collegen membrane over it. The soya sauce and the 5 spice also eat into the meat so gao gao that it become its surname. Put in mouth, melt immediately like pork waygu.Overall is a good try. Especially cold weather drink hot soup. Shrink ball also expand.

Address: 58 Seng Poh Rd 160058
Operating hrs: 630am to 9pm Mon to Sun