Bak Chor War with Mee Pok @ Punggol Noodles

Lor Ah Soo Hawker - Punggol Noodles

For those who like bak chor mee, Ta Mee, today is your lucky day machiam strike 9.7mil toto. There is this 1 stall that you die die need to eat. It serves one of the best chili/vinegar combi Ta Mee and the bak chor here eat liao can make you Akuma Ma Ta Ta. And also, this stall will inspire you not to give up, because the uncle 1 hand only but still can make the most use of it to cook delicious Ta Mee. Many of us, got 2 hands, but always misuse it. Like play Candy Crush, PCC, PAAP etc.


Ordered the Bak Chor Mee Pok ($3.50). The Mee Pok, if u compare with others, others can throw away. This stall uses grade S Mee Pok that is not too over-powdery and nua. So when cook at the right optimum state, it becomes QQ, chewy and soft. The chilli / vinegar ratio here also very zhun to taste and boost the overall tastiness of the QQ mee pok. Not too sour, but just sour enough to taste the fragrance of vinegar. And spicy enough but not to the extend you wont eat. Cause the hae bee taste is damn shiok in the chilli.

The bak chor is also all hand-made on spot and add in some bits of dried flat fish. Meat is really soft, evenly marbled with fats and still very juicily fresh like you bite the pig directly. Run your tongue through it and you wont even feel any friction at all as it is just that smooth.

It is a genuine, humble kind of soul food which you can taste the warmth and sincerity to just cook a decent bowl of noodles from the uncle. And also pork lard is free flow. Where to find? Outside keep it so tight machiam like our Nation Reserve. But this uncle sibei generous. You see him work, the energy and you will feel like nothing is impossible also.

Punggol Noodles

Address: 105 Hougang Ave 1 S530105
Operating hrs: Close Fri and Sun. Rest of days 7am to 130pm.