Back to the Old Days – Authentic Kueh @ Happy Nonya Kueh

Today a sis here reco me a nice nonya kueh stall in AMK. She told me this is the kind which stick to tradition like how your ah ma used to have it. Really meh? Mai tu liao go down.

Nabei now then i know why she so excited. Cause the boss is a young hunk. Those type who u can call oppa and bring back for mum to see. But I not Pink Dot one so I only go for the kueh. Very nice chap, take patience to intro me their signatures.

Highly recommended by lim peh are their yam cake, gula malaka kueh and black sesame kueh. Somemore each kueh just $0.70 nia and buy 3 for $2. 己 cheap 一个loh.


Yam cake ($0.70): You can really taste chunks of soft yam and also bits of dried hae bee. Its so fragrant that when u cut the kueh, yam steam shoot out and invade your nostrils with yam fragrance machiam orh nee. Hae bee also add a slight sweetness to it. And the kueh sibei soft like cotton, put in mouth will melt with no effort. So suitable for lamua ple dun like chew one.


Gula Malaka kueh ($0.70): imagine pure gula malaka, condense into semi-solid-liquid-form. Put in mouth, melt instantly to become liquid gula malaka. This is genuine one, not those add sugar. So the taste is abit bitter but rich in gula mojo.


Black sesame kueh ($0.70): this is the only kind in Singapore, no other place can find. Its like thousand layer kueh, but instead u will find layers of thick black sesame paste kiap in between. Soft kueh with thick fragrant black sesame, really hit the jackpot like u go spa and they provide complimentary special service.
For those botak people, eat this to grow hair also.

Really nice to find young hunky hawkers touching on traditional kueh. For the gals mouth eat, eyes also eat. For me i just enjoy the nice kueh, if he got sister then lagi best.


Even if you don’t believe me, also must believe Chow Yun Fatt. He sure come here once every 2 years, at this rate, sooner or later become chow yuan fat.


Address: 511 Bishan Street 13 S570511
Operating hrs: 6am to 930pm

His other outlets-
1. 631 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 S560631
2. Vista Point Woodlands Ave 4 at Kopitiam s730548
3. 827A Tampines street 81 S521827



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