Back to Childhood Stingray + Oyster Omellete + BCM @ 85 Hawker

Last night suddenly have craving for bbq stingray. Quick hand quick leg phone my gay buddy to pick me up and go to 85 Bedok.
As usual, those driving really will test ur patience to the max as car park always full. But good food always worth the wait. Machiam like waiting to get ur 1 mil toto prize money. That aniticipation and excitement really tabulek tahan.
Really crowded at the hawker also. Alot stalls repeated. But will personally reco, Chan BBQ, 85 oyster and Xing Ji Bak chor mee.

Chan BBQ – the fish really grill to optimum condition. Skin abit crispy chao ta, meat inside still retain the juice and tenderness. If tell u is steamed u also will believe. Kiap open the meat, juice flow out like Singapore River, and immediately “This is Home” will auto play in ur head. The sambal also a heaven match. Spicy, sambaly, sweet onionly infused with the fragrance of kim jio leave. Tell u man, eat the sambal with rice enuff already also can.

85 oyster – those like dua liap one ar this stall provide wat u need. Skip those A size oyster and go for D size one. Juicy and big, pop one in mouth machiam like water balloon burst. Releasing an entire atlantic ocean in ur mouth. The umami level is too high to handle. The egg and flour ratio is also balanced and generous amount of fish sauce is added to make it more fragrance. Exterior is also crispy and interior is moist and soft.The chilli sambal also makes this dish a little sexier.

XJ BCM- This is the beast man. The soup u drink already know its boiled till gao gao. Every mouthful is an orgasmic experience. Its so rich and sweet and the layer of bak chor they topped into the soup is also damn generous. Bak chor is smooth and tender. In fact, it actually kind of fuse into the soup. Soup and bak chor 合一. People who like meat will love this like ur mama.

The noodle is also very eggy smell and QQ. Abit resistent to bite and has an attitude of its own.
This place is a legend. If u duno here. U probably a noob or really a busy person.

Address: 85 Bedok North St 4 S460085

Operating hrs: 6pm to 10pm


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